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Residencia Boracay Announcement's

09 February 2012

Code Blue Boracay Reef Bud Project

KALIBO, Aklan - Commercialization came with a heavy price for Boracays natural reef systems. Coral reef restoration efforts is managed and maintained by (BBMP) The Boracay Beach Management Program. The BBMP was created based on the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Integrated Coastal Management Framework.

In an effort to reverse Boracays dying coral reef problem the Boracay Beach Management Council, led by Mayor John Yap, launched an ecological artificial reef program which aims to deploy 5,000 artificial reef domes 300 meters from Boracay’s beaches.

Boracay's current reef condition

In 2009 studies revealed that Boracay’s live coral cover deteriorated to only about 15-20%. Votsl conditions is now only 23% live coral, while about 77% were non-living. On the eastern side in 2010 recorded 42% live coral cover, while a 2011 study of the southern side by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) indicated an alarmingly low 9% live coral cover.

Boracays deteriorating coral reefs has already affected the island’s ability to sustain its diving tourism industry as well as the local fishing for the community.

Boracay 5,000 Artificial Reef Bud Domes

Code Blue Boracay Reef Bud project aim's to stabilize Boracays reef sytem with the introduction of 5,000 artificial reef buds. Having a coral system would provide shelter for fishes to breed. The reef domes are made by the Boracay Foundation Inc. (BFI) using recycled materials costing Php 9,000 each.

The domes serve as “anchors” for organisms that would eventually become corals and serve a a shelter for fishes to breed.Previously placed Boracay reef bud domes has already shown some coral growths. This project is supported by several organizations including Petron Foundation and San Miguel Corporation.

January 20122, ten reef domes were deployed 100-meters from the Boracay shoreline. The reef domes are made from a mixture of cement and other organic materials which serve as fish sanctuaries, coral but also serve as wave breakers during typhoon season. 

Boracay Coral Reef Restoration Images from