Montessori of Loyola Pre-School in Katipunan, Quezon City

Montessori of Loyola is a preschool located at 97 Melchor St., Loyola Heights, Katipunan, in Quezon City. It is situated on a quiet tree-lined street inside Varsity Hills,  near the Ateneo de Manila main campus. The Montessori preschool aims to nurture each child’s potential through an exceptional high-quality environment of stimulating materials, a rich curriculum, and caring, dedicated teachers.

The school accepts children 1 ½ to 5 ½ years old. Montessori of Loyola’s mission is to help each child blossom into a confident and caring individual, with the foundational skills needed for real life success. The preschool seeks to develop the child’s interests and abilities to the highest level possible, and to develop a life-long love for learning.

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Montessori of Loyola is distinguished by the following:

Montessori Of Loyola – Pre-School History

Montessori of Loyola is under the supervision of Stella T. Cadiz, a US-educated and certified Montessori Pre-School teacher, who completed her training under the Montessori Teacher Preparation (MTP) of Washington.

Teacher Stella was also recently awarded a Montessori certification as an Assistant Montessori Teacher Trainer. She was invited to train in the US last July 2011.

In addition, Teacher Stella also has a Master of Family Life & Child Development degree from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, where she was a consistent University Scholar.

Montessori of Loyola is recognized by the Department of Education and is also known as Casa Montessori of Loyola Heights, which was founded by educator Jovita T. Cadiz.

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Montessori of Loyola – Parents’ Testimonials

What do parents’ say about us?


"Hands down, Montessori of Loyola is one of the very best in the area! ... Montessori of Loyola has excellent facilities! I appreciate the spacious classrooms and the wide array of Montessori materials. I love the garden, the pond, the playground and the sandbox…

I was impressed with the wide range of the curriculum – from science to culture to nature and to history to people. I don’t think my child would have experienced it in any other school…

The teachers were the best learning component! All the teachers have been so patient, encouraging, friendly and warm. I love the teachers in your school… my child relished “EVERYDAY” at Montessori of Loyola.”

Mrs. Jaime An,

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“I always tell friends and relatives that my husband and I made the right decision in choosing Montessori of Loyola for Luke. It offers a very good learning environment for the kids and, for us, it is primarily because of the competent teachers. Their curriculum is well-thought, they seem to be able to understand each child’s learning abilities and needs, and adjust accordingly. You could sense that
each child is important to them…

I was attracted by the creativity in the materials and there were quite a lot. So I thought the kids who would attend the school would really have a good time playing and learning with those materials…

Luke learned how to read half way through the school year. I believe this to be truly significant, considering that when he started school for the first time in June, he could recognize just three letters of the alphabet.”

Mrs. Joie Buban

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“Compared to most schools I’ve checked, Montessori of Loyola has the cleanest classroom and the best Montessori materials… The main asset of this school are their teachers. All of them are kind, patient and with sincere and genuine concern for the well-being of the kids….

During her first year (in Montessori of Loyola), we were amazed that after only a short period of time Bianca became more sociable and friendly and most of all she could read already – truly an accomplishment…

Now that my daughter is in Grade 1 already, I appreciated more the curriculum. She is so advanced in her lessons now in Miriam. The school had a way of teaching the kids advance topics without making it too difficult or complicated…

Academically I think she’s doing very well and you are doing a very good job… … She loves the school and the teachers so much that even up to now, in her 2nd month in the big school, she still asks me why can’t she go back to Montessori of Loyola…”

Mrs. Karen Okol

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"I was thrilled that Anika learned to read at 3 years old! I enrolled her at 3 years old mainly for socialization but it was most rewarding to see how well she took to school. She really absorbed what was taught today at six years old, she is a fast reader and can read and comprehend books much more advanced than her grade level… My child has also started doing basic multiplication at 5 years

I strongly feel that the school has thoroughly prepared her for the big school. I couldn't be happier. The school has exceeded my expectations based on the progress of my child....

I checked several pre-schools in the Loyola Heights area and I liked Montessori of Loyola best because of the facilities. The classroom is spacious, the restrooms are clean...Inside, the materials are new, clean, well-cared for and properly organized. It is inviting for the children to explore the materials... My experience with the teachers of the school has been very positive. They really
nurtured my child.

Mrs. Noreen Sulit

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The classroom I spacious and clean, as well as very organized. The materials and classroom are beautiful…

The teachers are not only prepared and knowledgeable in what they teach, but, most importantly, they have the right temperament and disposition to guide our children socially, emotionally and academically…

The most significant experience for my daughter was learning to read and enjoying it. Another significant thing was her knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication…”

Mrs. Anna Abastillas

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Teachers are just blessings! We see that the children are very much loved and cared for. We couldn’t ask for anything more from you…

Felipe has grown to love the school.” “I admire how the school continuously improves and adds more materials the manner of creating or

building the curriculum and other activities that are beneficial to the children…

The indoor and outdoor facilities are EXCELLENT!... The teachers are GREAT!”

Mr. and Mrs. Lagdameo

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"Let me just say three things that we appreciate about Montessori of Loyola: First, we appreciate the personalized attention by teachers... Second, we appreciate the assessment reports. They were very detailed and very vivid....We saw in your observations how you took personal care of him and how you have seen him grow....

Third, our son has really made a lot of progress both academically and socially…He has become even more self-confident since he went to preschool…He's also very much interested in math and reading. Recently he was at Matteo's house and he read a story to Mateo! That was really amazing.

His passing the Ateneo exam was also a significant milestone and was a result of the preparation you provided him at Montessori of Loyola.

Montessori of Loyola has truly provided a home away from home --- a warm, nurturing and happy place ….Jamin has asked us, next schoolyear, after his Ateneo class, can he still drop by Montessori of Loyola to say “Hi” to his teachers and friends, and play?

Prof. Benjie and Mrs. Tess Tolosa

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"Thank you for teaching our daughter We really appreciate everything you've done for her....

She learned to read and developed an amazing vocabulary. She improved ocher capability to stay focused on certain tasks/ activities. She likes the concept of "school" and her interpersonal skills were developed...

(The teachers are) EXCELLENT!1!...(The facilities) are clean, well-equipped with good learning materials...

We're satisfied with everything about the school."

Teocel Apolona

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“A transferee from another school…our daughter Ia was unable to write her full name, read only two- letter words, and spent most of her time doing art, like cutting paper and colouring…

We did not expect too much from her new school. We were amazed at the pace she could cope. She was able to write legibly, read words, then sentences and developed the habit of reading books on her own. With the variety of effective materials presented, Ia learned many things fast while having fun at the same time…

After only 1 ½ years, Ia stands out and shines when compared to other children her age who were educated in other schools. We highly recommend Montessori of Loyola.”

Drs. Al and Grace Jaafar



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Montessori of Loyola Pre-School in Katipunan - Loyola Heights, Quezon City.
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