Montessori of Loyola Parents Full Testominials

From Jamie An, mother of Andy

What was the most significant experience for your child this school year?

Well, according to what I heard from my child, he relished “EVERYDAY” at Montessori of Loyola. He never dreaded going to school. He waited every weekend to go back to school on Monday. Oh, he loved the birthday parties, field trips, Friday cooking time, and play time. More than anything, he made many friends, which made him feel accepted and beloved. Great relationship with teachers was also one of the most significant experiences for him

Please evaluate the school along the following categories:

A. Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

Montessori of Loyola has excellent facilities! I appreciate the spacious classrooms and the wide array of Montessori materials. I love the garden, the pond, the playground and the sandbox.

B. Teachers

“Teachers” at Montessori of Loyola was the best teaching-learning component! All teachers have been so patient, encouraging, helpful, friendly and warm. I noticed they were also consistent in instilling values and discipline onto the children. I love the teachers in your school. They have an ideal combination of being kind yet firm.

The teacher-student ratio was very small and the children were absolutely sweet and beautiful

C. Program Content and Learning Experiences

In general, I was very happy with the educational content. I was impressed with the wide range of the curriculum – from science to culture to nature and to history to people. I don’t think my child would have experienced it in any other school. I commend the school for its holistic curriculum and balanced approach.

D. Home/ Parent- School Partnership

I had a wonderful experience in communicating with the school in terms of partnering to educate my child. I especially appreciate your letting me know everything – good and bad – that happens to a child at school. I also felt it’s important for teachers to know the home situation of the child so they may have a better understanding of the child’s life.

I loved your class card (assessment card), which is very detailed and encouraging. I appreciated your weekly posting of aims and topics of the class. It helped me prepare my child for the week’s lessons.

E. Other comments

Hands down, Montessori of Loyola is one of the very best in the area! I love Montessori of Loyola’s Asian character and family-like atmosphere. I truly felt like I was part of the family in Montessori and I strongly believe in the effectiveness of Montessori education. Therefore, why not advertise your school more extensively so that more people will have a chance of studying in this wonderful school.



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