Montessori of Loyola Parents Full Testominials

From Mrs. Joie Buban, mother of Luke

What was the most significant experience for your child this school year?

From my point of view, it was Luke’s knowing how to read half-way through the school year. I believe it to be truly significant considering that when he started school for the first time in June, he could recognize just 3 letters of the alphabet.

It couldn’t have happened if not for the competence of the teachers – they know how to approach the level of learning for each child and the materials that will help them achieve the learning objective. They were also perceptive enough to know when a child is ready for the next level.

In the case of Luke, I believe his progress in reading was fast because they were aware of the signals and they acted upon it right away, providing him with the right stimulation in terms of encouragement and challenging materials.

Please evaluate the school along the following categories:

A. Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

When I stepped inside the classroom for the first time to meet Teacher Stella, what caught my eye was the spaciousness of the room and the variety of materials for the children. There were different kinds of books and reading materials, materials to teach numbers, letters, sensory and art materials, flags of different countries and even (non-harmful) items found normally in the kitchen, sized for little hands. I was attracted by the creativity in the materials and that there were quite a lot. So I thought that kids who would attend school would really have a good time playing and learning with those materials plus they have enough space to move around.

B. Teachers and Curriculum

I always tell friends and relatives that my husband and I made the right decision in choosing Montessori of Loyola for Luke. It offers a very good learning environment for the kids, and for us, it is primarily because of the competent teachers. Their curriculum is well-thought, they seem to be able to understand each child’s learning abilities and needs, and adjust accordingly. You could sense that each child is important to them. They understand that each is unique and they would make an effort to help that child learn more, even if they have to use different approaches.

C. Home/ Parent- School Partnership

The Parent’s Orientation done during the first months of school is an activity that we were not expecting as other schools don’t normally have it. The teachers made an effort to explain how they implement the curriculum as well as present the use of the different materials. We found it very informative and useful.

Letting us know of important announcements, activities etc. ahead of time (through the Bridge and text messages) is (also) something that we parents feel is very important and hope that the teachers will continue doing. 




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