Montessori of Loyola Parents Full Testominials

From Mrs. Karen Okol, mother of Bianca

What was the most significant experience for your child during her stay at Montessori of Loyola?

During Bianca's two-year stay in Montessori of Loyola , she met new friends and learned so much. 

Being away from me for the first time in her life was quite difficult for both her and me. She had some anxieties about separation. It took her some time to adjust. But with the teachers’ perseverance and loads of patience,  she was able to overcome her fear. She was able to adjust and enjoy school life.  

During her first year, we were amazed that after only a short period of time she became more sociable and friendly and most of all she could read already – truly an accomplishment. 

Academically I think she’s doing very well and you are doing a very good job. She is “advanced” compared to other kids her age from different schools. 

She had grown so much during her stay -- from the super shy girl  who did not want to leave my side to (later) begging me to let her stay a little longer so she could still play with her classmates and read books with the teachers. I was so proud of her when she delivered her speech during their graduation in front of so many people. I guess she has matured with your help and support.

She loves the school and teachers so much that even up to now in her 2nd month in the big school she still asks me why can’t she go back to Montessori of Loyola. I guess the experience really made a mark in my daughter’s life, I am glad you were an effective partner in instilling values and ethics in my daughter. 

Please evaluate the school along the following categories:

A. Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

Compared to most schools I've checked, Montessori of Loyola has the cleanest classroom and the best Montessori materials. I also heard from the teacher aides that they mop the floor and dust the materials everyday. The big and small rooms both have air-conditoners, and their comfort rooms are built to be kid-friendly. I also like the separate office for other concerns so you won’t disrupt the on-going class. Bianca enjoyed feeding the fish and running around in your spacious backyard. The first year of Bianca, I suggested a slide for the playground. The year after, Bianca was delighted to see a new swing, a slide and other playground facilities.

B. Teachers

The main asset of this school are their teachers. All of them are kind, patient and with sincere and genuine concern for the well- being of the kids. The teachers are sweet and loving but at the same time firm enough to discipline the kids. The teachers are the highlight of Montessori of Loyola.

I think your teachers are the best part. I commend your very patient and caring teachers. Bianca could not stop talking about how nice and caring her teachers are. All the while I thought they were just playing in school – but she learned so much after only one year. BRAVO to Teacher Stella, Teacher Loida and Teacher Em.

C. Program Content and Learning Experiences

When Bianca was at Montessori of Loyola, I usually checked the weekly themes and lessons. I like the way you present certain lessons to the children in such a way that you make it informative yet enjoyable.

Now that my daughter is in Grade 1 already, I appreciated more the curriculum. She is so advanced in her lessons now in Miriam. The school had a way of teaching the kids advance topics without making it too difficult or complicated. They know the capabilities of each level so they feed them with information to get them set for big school.

D. Home/ Parent- School Partnership

I would like to commend the school for its consideration for the parent's schedule and budget. I appreciate how you take into consideration the parents’ schedule during programs and the PTC. The homeworks were practical but at the same time would still accomplish the objectives of the project… I could genuinely see how concerned and involved you are in my child’s development.

E. Other comments

I highly recommend Montessori of Loyola to my friends. I will surely send my Joaquin to this school.  

A Parent’s Update

Hi Teacher Stella,

How are you? Bianca still misses her old school and would still 'emote' once in awhile. She was at first overwhelmed with the big school, always worried that she might get lost, thankfully she adjusted already. I was a bit surprised with Bianca's workload, they seem to have tests every week for every subject, so that's 6-8 tests per week! Bianca was exhausted during her 1st month but now she’s got the hang of it. She's doing very well in school, her test's scores are really high even in Filipino and Sibika.

I’m now teaching her how to converse in Tagalog, although it’s not her favorite thing to do. She's excelling in Math, Reading and Language, all her tests so far are perfect. She keeps on telling me that it's so easy daw , she learned that already in pre-school. She's quite advanced in Math, almost half of the topics in the book she already learned in pre-school.

Thank you very much for helping Bianca. I'll see you soon.  



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