Montessori of Loyola Parents Full Testominials

From Mrs. Noreen Sulit, mother of Anika

What was the most significant experience for your child this school year?

I was thrilled that Anika learned to read at 3 years old!  I enrolled her at 3 years old mainly for socialization but it was most rewarding to see how well she took to school. She really absorbed what was taught Today at six years old, she is a fast reader and can read and comprehend books much more advanced than her grade level.

The teachers also encouraged her love of music. For UN Day, they taught the kids many songs in different languages. 
I was impressed!

My child has also started doing basic multiplication at 5 years old! She has mastered skip-counting up to 100. 
I strongly feel that the school has thoroughly prepared her for the big school. I couldn’t be happier.

Aside from providing tremendous intellectual stimulation,  the school provided her an opportunity to interact with other children. Anika became more sociable and more conversational with other kids since being enrolled.

Also, I was assured that my child would be cared for and looked after by pro- active and intelligent teachers that really had my child’s best interests at heart. Because they made learning fun, Anika is excited to go to school every day. 
The school has fostered a deep love of learning and encouraged her curiosity of the world. With Montessori of Loyola, 
I found a true partner in helping me develop my child and maximize her potential. I feel that Anika found a home away from home here.

The school has exceeded my expectations based on the progress of my child.

Please evaluate the school along the following categories:

A. Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

I checked several pre schools in the Loyola Heights area and I liked Montessori of Loyola best because of the facilities. The classroom is spacious, the restrooms are clean and there is sufficient space for the children to store their things in.  Inside, the materials are new, clean, well cared for and properly organized. It is inviting for the children to explore the materials.

The school has a delightful playground with enough space to safely run around in. My child’s favorite is the sandbox. Also, there is a garden and there are trees and flowering plants. When it rains, the children still have a covered play area.

I also like the location of the school since it is inside a village. I feel that the area is safer for my child because it is inside a gated community. Since there are fewer cars on the road, I feel my child is safer especially during drop off and pick up time. The neighbourhood is quiet. There is also always someone guarding the school’s entrance. Parking is not a problem either. There is ample street parking, which is great especially during school programs when all the parents are in attendance. 

B. Teachers

My experience with the teachers of the school has been very positive. I felt at ease leaving my child with them during the day because I really felt that they cared for the children.

They really nurtured my child and gave her the attention that she needed. There is a lot of one on one time, especially when reviewing my child for big school entrance exams, or when she needed to catch up on her work.

My daughter really formed a special attachment with her teachers. They make her feel safe. The teachers are intelligent, friendly, approachable, available, non-intimidating and encouraging. I also wanted teachers that had good diction, to ensure that my child would learn to speak English properly.

Also, I was given weekly updates on her progress. If a special situation arose, I was informed of it immediately and discreetly. I really felt a partnership with the teachers.

C. Program Content and Learning Experiences

It’s in keeping with the Montessori method. The content is advanced compared to other traditional preschools.

I have compared the curriculum of the school with those of big schools. I have found that, sometimes, the material my child was being taught at Montessori of Loyola was even more advanced than the material being taught children at older grade levels in other schools.

I felt that the school adapted to the needs of the students. For example, when they saw that Anika was ready to read, they accelerated her program and did not hesitate to teach her despite her young age. The teachers give students more challenges as long as they are hungry for more.           
I’m satisfied my child is sufficiently challenged. I also like the Christmas program; the Nativity story is already one of her favorite reads now.

D. Home/ Parent- School Partnership

I was properly updated on any activities going on at the school. Aside from the Bridge notebook, the teachers actively communicated to  me anything that needed my attention.

I felt Teacher Stella was responsive to my suggestions. When I suggested for them to try to incorporate teaching some Filipino (outside of Filipino lessons during Linggo ng Wika)   to help prepare Anika for Filipino classes in big school, they introduced stories in Filipino. Materials were specially made to meet the needs of the students.

The school doesn’t make excessive demands on the parent’s time. There are just enough activities for parents to be involved in, but not too much that it becomes inconvenient.

E. Other comments

I feel that sending Anika to Montessori of Loyola was a wise investment. I made the right choice for my child because the proper balance of learning, fun and discipline is present.

I know my child will always remember her pre-school years with fondness. It gave her a great foundation for learning and prepared her for the academic challenges of the big school.

I like that the school is not complacent in its success. I can see that it is always trying to improve its curriculum. It continually adjusts to the needs of the individual child.

If I have another child, I will most likely send my child to the same school. I made the right choice with Montessori of Loyola! 



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