Montessori of Loyola Parents Full Testominials

From Anna Abastillas, mother of Tea  

What was the most significant experience for your child this school year?

The most significant experience for my daughter was learning to read and enjoying it.  Another significant thing was her knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication.  Not only does she know these concepts, she also knows their application.

Please evaluate the school along the following categories:

A. Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

The classroom is spacious and clean as well as very organized. The materials and classroom  are beautiful; the range of materials is truly impressive, from reading to math, to geography and science.  The children have sufficient space for outdoor play and have traditional playground equipment that children love to play with.

B. Teachers

The teachers are not only prepared and knowledgeable in what they teach but most importantly, they have the right temperament and disposition to guide our children socially, emotionally and academically.  We are very happy and lucky to have them as teachers for my children.

C. Program Content and Learning Experiences

The program of the school in our experience is appropriate for young children.  Respect for their individuality and the development of their intellect, skills competency and emotional maturity  are all considered in developing the children.  The system of learning allows and promotes the creative expression of the young child.



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