Montessori of Loyola Parents Full Testominials

From Benjie and Tess Tolosa, parents of Jamin

Like Jamin, we are happy and proud that he is a graduate of the Montessori of Loyola and will always treasure Jamin’s preschool years here.  So when we received the letter in the Bridge notebook asking if we would be willing to share with you our experiences as parents, we did not hesitate to say yes.

We are grateful for and appreciate the two and a half years that Jamin spent here.  Montessori of Loyola has been truly a home for him – and it is literally only several steps away from our house. He walks to school everyday with his Daddy, Benjie (or his Daddy does the walking with Jamin as “passenger” or sometimes bikes).

Let me just say three things that we appreciate about Montessori of Loyola:

First, we appreciate the personalized attention by teachers, and the fact that you saw beyond his being overly playful and wiggly, and instead focused on his inquisitiveness and love for stories.  More recently, when Jamin was adjusting as a new and youngest member of the senior’s class, you made an effort to build team spirit through activities and games that allowed the children to bond with each other.  He particularly enjoyed the pajama party you helped the children organize.

Second, we appreciate the assessment reports.  They were very detailed and very vivid.  They tell us not just about his academic progress but also what he is interested in and what he is good at, and of course what he needs to improve on. Most of all, your stories give us further insight on the kind of person he is.

We remember the report where you said Jamin is remarkable for expressing his values.  One time you said he told a classmate earnestly, “don’t eat junk food because it will make your teeth turn black.”

Last year, you observed that Jamin was beginning to learn how to read when after building a word with movable letters, like c-a-t, he would rearrange the letters and ask teacher Stella to read the nonsensical “words” like tac, cta, atc, and he would laugh and be so amused.  And what you saw then was that he likes to mentally play with and test different ideas, and that he likes to experiment.

Around the time when Jamin was reviewing for the prep entrance exam, you noticed how he didn’t have patience for repetitious oral drills, but enjoyed taking part in freewheeling discussions on a wide range of topics.

There are lots more… but we saw in your observations how you took personal care of him and how you have seen him grow. Those reports are very precious to us.

Third, Jamin has really made a lot of progress both academically and socially.  Since he was very young, we noticed his gift for expressing himself.  He has become even more self-confident since he went to preschool. He is not afraid to participate when people ask for volunteers and to give his opinions. He’s also very much interested in math and reading.  Recently, he was at Matteo’s house and he read a story to Matteo!  That was really amazing.  His passing the Ateneo prep exam was a significant milestone and was a result of the preparation you provided him at the Montessori of Loyola.

We will miss walking him to school everyday (especially his Daddy, Benjie) … even though Ateneo is also in the neighborhood. But there will be a huge difference in terms of size and traffic and number of students! Montessori of Loyola has truly provided a home away from home --- a warm, nurturing and happy place for Jamin.

Jamin has asked us, next schoolyear, after his Ateneo class, can he still drop by Montessori of Loyola to  say “Hi” to his teachers and friends, and play?



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